Scrappy Time Meets Standing Tall with Jay Clark

This week, Representative Johnson is joined by Jay Clark in a special joint episode with Jay’s show, “Scrappy Time.” Gloria and Jay chill out in her luxurious pool and chat about their campaigns and the current state of Tennessee politics, including healthcare and this week’s special session at the State Legislature. Be on the lookout for Jay’s show “Scrappy Time” on The Tennessee Holler Podcast Network too – you may be seeing this very interview in video form on The Holler later this week! Jay is running for Jerome Moon’s seat in District 8, Blount County, and Gloria is currently running to keep her District 13 seat in Knoxville. Standing Tall is part of The TN Holler Podcast Network. Visit to keep up with The Tennessee Holler’s relentless coverage that seeks to lift up progressive voices and shine a light on injustices throughout Tennessee.

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